HRS Restricted Data

Some data resources in the HRS are restricted meaning they are available only under special agreement because they contain sensitive and/or confidential information.

Accessing the Data

There are two ways to access the data: the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) system and traditional licensing.

VDI: Nearly all restricted data can be accessed through the VDI system that allows users to remotely connect through a secure connection from their own desktop to a secure data enclave that houses the restricted data, maintained by the Michigan Center for the Demography of Aging (MiCDA). HRS provides access to the VDI free of charge.

Traditional License: In some circumstances users may need to apply to obtain and use HRS restricted data on their own secure systems under the traditional license. Reasons may include:

  • Custom software not supported in the VDI
  • Custom hardware configurations which cannot be mimicked in the VDI
  • Large third party data sets
  • Contracts with third parties that prohibit the hosting of their data in the VDI (i.e. CMS)