Genetic Association Studies of Age-Related Traits: New Perspectives

TitleGenetic Association Studies of Age-Related Traits: New Perspectives
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsKulminski, AM
JournalAdvances in Geriatric Medicine and Research
Keywordsage-related traits, Aging, Genetic Association Studies, GWAS, Pleiotropy

Understanding the role of genetic factors in non-Mendelian traits characteristic for post-reproductive life, herein referred to as age-related traits, is lagged behind the understanding of the genetic architecture of Mendelian traits. This lag calls for new, more comprehensive approaches in the analyses of age-related traits leveraging their characteristic features. This paper discusses the role of the inherent heterogeneity in genetic predisposition to age-related traits and pleiotropy. It shows that the comprehensive analyses leveraging such heterogeneity can substantially increase the efficiency and accelerate the progress in uncovering genetic predisposition to such traits.

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